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I have a "friend" who shows up once a month. She turns my world upside down, over and over again.
I am a good person, caring and sweet, but when she comes to visit, I could rip off your head.
She takes no prisoners, foul words she does spout, I try to keep the words in, she lets them come out.
People don't understand me, or what this is about, to have this creature inside my head.
I despise who I am, half of the time, I feel sorry for my daughter, family and friends.
There's no way to describe it, for those who don't know, it's a living nightmare, she really needs to go.
~Neysia Manor, Rest in Peace

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

PMDD and Relationships

On sale now for Kindle at Amazon.  Click on the cover to take you to the link. Also available in print at Amazon. Over 220 pages of understanding what it's like to be in a relationship when you have PMDD.

PMDD doesn't do normal, but every woman who lives the monthly nightmare that is Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder deserves to have strong, true, and lasting relationships, just like her non-PMDD enduring friends.  Based on the most-read posts in the blog Living on a Prayer, Living with PMDD, this book is for people in difficult relationships and focuses on how to deal with a loved one's PMDD.

Written with chapters for both the woman trying to cope with her PMDD, and her partner, PMDD and Relationships fills a need for understanding and hope.  Understanding of this often debilitating disorder that affects 3 - 8% of menstruating women, and hope for a normal life with friends and family.

Topics include how to develop a network of support and encouragement, and how to enjoy deep and abiding relationships in the midst of hormonal chaos.  You are not alone, and there is no reason for you to stay alone unless you choose to.  Even then, PMDD and Relationships can help you to deal with your PMDD and the world around you in a way that brings renewed joy into the life you were meant to live.


  1. What a pleasant surprise as I ran to your blog today in the hopes of some relief and find out you have published a book on the matter. I read as far as Amazon will allow and as soon as I get my first paycheck , I will buy it (been unemployed since May 1) but I digress, as far as I was able to read, you went there, keeping real and raw, just the way I like it, with my favorite line being so far "I've been digging into this PMDD shit for a long time". I think your book will probably help more people than if it had been written by an MD. In my book, experience trumps research and you bring both. Feeling like an utter failure today, but I still forced myself to type a congratulations to you and your book and to wish you much success with it. You also put into words for me something I couldn't verbalize myself and I am pretty vocal; around period time the perfumes that don't bother me much before, become intolerable around this time, and the asthma gets activated and the allergies get activated and the body hurts like a mother F. So thank you for shinning your light into this miserable, asphyxiating state of mind.

    1. Thank you, T, for your congratulations, and for making the effort to type when I know how miserable you must feel. I am so glad I was able to help with verbalizing your sensitivity to perfume and such. I had such an episode recently that was excruciating. I was seated inside an office waiting area, and the receptionist sailed through with a can of fake "lavender" fragrance, spritzing the air left and right to "refresh the room" and within minutes everything inside me swelled up and pressed on the meridian nerves in my arms and the pain was indescribable. I had to use my inhaler, a new addition to my life this past year, and take a benadryl, thereby rendering me useless for the rest of the day. It took my body two days and a chiropractic appointment to settle down. And yes, I was premenstrual at the time. It seems to be getting worse and worse for me, but then more and more chemicals disguised as something "natural" are being released into the air. You are absolutely right in that when an attack like this happens, the body does hurt like a mother F. Every inch of it. Blessings, L

  2. Thank you L
    I seem to be living on antihestamines most of the time, I've had the inhaler as companion for a long time,and it does seem to be getting worse and worse, my cycle for the last 3 months seems to be in a loop; however it comes to mind that "it is darkest before the dawn arrives" or something like that, I know I don't get these quotes right, I can only puke what my brain can remember. On a lighter note, I have been using 20 mg from days 12 through 26 , once a day of Progensa 20 (natural progesterone cream), a bit pricey for me , but after the adjusting period, on the days I am on it, the sensitivity to synthetic fragrances almost disappears completely! So here is to hope, that the only way we choose out, is through.

    1. I'm 56 without a uterus but still have ovaries so I can't tell where I am in my perimenopause without a period. But I have noticed the symptoms are getting less severe after a few years of getting worse but lasting longer. I was wondering what you meant by symptoms being "in a loop."

  3. Thank you Liana, your book was so well written and has really helped me view PMDD so differently and even with hope! I very much like that you reminded the reader to keep their faith in God strong, at my lowest points I feel so distant from Him.
    You have written down all I find so difficult to verbalise and it's such a huge relief.
    I hope you are keeping well, God bless xx