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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

PMDD and Suicide in the Luteal Phase Needs More Research: You can help!

Hey all
I need help.
Tonight I piqued the interest of my psychiatrist when I quoted a post from another PMDD group, "23 completed female suicide autopsies were performed - 22 of those were in the LUTEAL PHASE of their cycle." His jaw dropped. 
Last night I did 20 mins of research into the following theory that has been in my head for the last 12 months. 
Here it goes:
The true number of completed suicides resulting from PMDD cannot be known until all coroner reports are researched to see where the individual was at during her menstral cycle. Right now, even if 100% were in the luteal phase or menstruating phase of their cycle, it is highly likely those individuals would have a previous mental health diagnosis of another kind. For example, borderline personality disorder or bipolar, given PMDD mimics the symptoms of these two illnesses. Therefore, the completed suicides would then be attributed to either of those illnesses and not PMDD. 
IF PMDD is the culprit and merely mimicking BPD or BP, until further research is done and looked at, PMDD suicide rates will not be truly known. The accuracy of actual lives taken by PMDD cannot be measured. 
Therefore, it is imperative that further research into historical data on completed suicides and the menstral cycle stage the individal was at during the time of death is done - the true cost of lives due to PMDD suicides will not be known and neither will the severity of PMDD and it's potential to kill be taken seriously (thus SAVING lives). This is intricately connected to the amount of knowledge and extensive research that has been completed on BPD/BP and the lack of such for PMDD. 
If menstral cycles are indeed playing a part in the timing of completed (or attempted) suicides, it is currently the ghost in the machine.
Until this is ruled out, or confirmed, the true cost of life via PMDD deaths will not be known and neither will PMDD be taken as seriously as these other well known illnesses that it mimics. 
Could it also be that these illnesses are so prevalent in women to men (75:25) because of the mimicking and this unreasonable ratio of women to men is because PMDD is being counted as BPD or BP? If studies were completed and found menstral cycles to be a factor in completed suicides, could this be the turning point in diagnosing and treating PMDD in a more efficient and successful manner? 
Could understanding if menstral phases play a large part in completed suicides completely change the way in which the entire mental health system treats women? 
If the answer is yes, we are talking absolutely ground-breaking earth-shattering information that would change general practice, gynecology and psychiatry. It would blow everything out of the water. All of it. The whole medical industry would be brought to their knees... because right now, it is dismissing it as merely bad PMS when in fact, it is possibly one of the largest contributing factors to SUICIDES in the female population. 
So while my Doctor listened to me ramble about this, at the end of the spiel he told me that he thinks I'm on to something. I have spent an hour on Google and I am finding research mostly in Asia and India into this, but some say there is no evidence to show menstral cycles play a part in suicide while others have found 90% of 200 women were either menstruating or in the luteal phase when they died! 
If I can find studies for him - good/bad/ugly/useless, he is going to present it to one of the most prestigious universities in Australia as a PhD Thesis option for students. 
He flat out agrees that something is not right here. 
I'm asking if everyone can help me out and comment with links they find into anything about this (please include the citation and page number). I can't do this alone and I really need some help this time. 
I feel this may be a big opportunity. I could be wrong, but ANY research into PMDD and ANYTHING that could save another life from being stolen by this illness, is worth our time. That's why we are all here. 
Australia is starting to light up and the ball has started to roll. This is another opportunity to possibly change something most of us think we won't live to see happen. 
Maybe, we will. 

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